Program / Visits

National Applied Research Laboratories-National Space Organization

National Space Organization (NSPO) is an institution that integrates the development of space technology in Taiwan. Through the implementation of various satellite programs, NSPO supports government missions, promotes scientific research and drives industrial development. NSPO has completed FORMOSAT-1 scientific, FORMOSAT-2 remote sensing and FORMOSAT-3 meteorological constellation programs. NSPO is currently performing FORMOSAT-5 in-orbit operation for remote sensing and scientific mission, and FORMOSAT-7 for meteorology and space weather mission.

Core Technologies:

  • Satellite Systems Engineering
  • Spacecraft Bus Development
  • Electro-Optical Remote Sensing Instrument
  • Satellite Control & Operation
  • Remote Sensing Image Processing
Friday, November 01 09:30 - 11:30