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National Taiwan University Cancer Center

National Taiwan University Cancer Center (NTUCC) is the second affiliated hospital of National Taiwan University College of Medicine. It will be located on the GongGuan campus (Ln.155, Sec.3, Keelung Rd.) of National Taiwan University. The facility scheduled to be completed in July 2019. It is a 15-story building with 4 levels of basement and designed to accommodate 500 inpatient beds. NTUCC is the first public comprehensive cancer center in Taiwan.

NTUCC was founded with a pledge of NT$20 billion of charitable donation from Terry Guo, who is both the founder of YongLin Healthcare Foundation and the chairman of Hon-Hai Precision known as the parent company of Foxconn). The cancer center is dedicated to provide better cancer care and to innovate cancer treatment.

NTUCC has devoted to build up a patient-centered care model. In NTUCC, a personalized treatment will be delivered to each patient via a multi-disciplinary team. In addition, the architectural design also aims at healing environment creation and maximal comfort delivery.

NTUCC is also committed to cancer research. Beyond the worldwide common cancers, we will focus on endemic cancer types in Taiwanese people as well as the ethnic genomic differences between the west and the east. With the advantages of location, we can collaborate not only with medical professionals but also other institutes and facilities of NTU to investigate any new possibility of cancer care. The partners include basic sciences, information engineering, electrical technology, etc… Beyond better anti-cancer treatment, the ultimate goal would be early detection and cancer prevention.

With the support of donation, the cancer center will be equipped with a proton radiation accelerator as well as other high-tech facilities. We will serve as an open platform to share these healthcare resources to other healthcare organizations in Taiwan to benefit more cancer patients.

NTUCC will be an open-minded international cancer center, and we welcome collaborations from overseas scholars and cancer institutes.


The mission of National Taiwan University Cancer Center is to fight back against cancer with HEARTS.(Hope, Education, Affection, Research, Technology and service).


The vision of National Taiwan University Cancer Center is to reduce cancer incidence rates, increase cancer survival, and improve the quality of life of cancer patients in Taiwan.

  • Most preferred international institution specializing in the care of ethnic Chinese patients.
  • A model of cancer treatment-guided sharing platform of education, service, and research.
Core Values
  • Team work
  • Shared services
  • Mutual respect
Thursday, October 31 14:30 - 16:00