Wednesday, October 30, 13:30-15:00

Russian Science Foundation: Enhancing research Excellence and Leadership in Russia

Dr. Alexander KLIMENKO Chair of the Expert Councils (Deputy Minister), Russian Science Foundation (RSF), Russian Federation
  • Transparency: getting credibility and public trust through open communication is key to sustainability in competitive research funding;
  • Competence: multi-stage merit-based AI-assisted review process with engagement of about 5000 Russian and 1000 international scientists to ensure high quality research output;
  • Result: RSF-funded publications are considerably more cited and enjoy a greater presence in Q1 journals than non-RSF publications with Russian origin;
  • Young researchers support: since 2017, through ambitious funding program initiated by the Russian President Vladimir Putin, RSF released more than 1500 individual grants for postdocs and some 900 team grants for early-career researchers, providing an unprecedented step-by-step career prospective for postdoctoral fellows for up to 12 years;
  • National priorities agenda: while remaining the status of premier blue-sky research funder in Russia, RSF also supports translational research priorities specified in the Scientific and Technological Development Strategy of the Russian Federation (2016) with more funding available to personalized medicine, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, self-driving cars, industrial robots, renewable energy, societal challenges etc.
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