Wednesday, October 30, 15:30-17:15

Kneron Edge AI solutions

Dr. Chun-Chen Albert LIU Founder and CEO, Kneron Inc., Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Kneron, a leading provider of edge AI solutions, was founded in 2015 at San Diego, US by Albert Liu who is a leading expert in ASIC design, EDA, deep learning, image processing, and computer vision algorithms. Barely two years old, Kneron already has partners and customers around the world, and has provided customized solutions for home appliances, surveillance, and smart phones to several international companies.

Kneron offers innovative edge AI solutions by moving part of the AI computing power from cloud to edge devices, which differentiates itself from traditional cloud-based AI solution providers. Kneron’s edge AI solutions are able to do real-time recognition, inference, and analysis with no need to connect to the cloud. Thus, the solutions are faster, more reliable and secure, while reducing significantly cost and the cloud burden. Kneron’s solutions include ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuit)chip for AI, Neural Processing Unit (NPU), and its software solution, Reconfigurable Artificial Neural Network, which adopts advanced algorithm to enable quick implementation of different AI applications, including face detection and recognition, body & gesture detection, object detection, and behavior & scene detection.

Currently, Kneron has offices in San Diego, Taipei, Zhuhai, and Shenzhen, and its core team members are from world top universities, such as Berkeley and MIT. On November 15, 2017, Kneron announced the completion of series A financing at over ten million US dollars. Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund and CDIB Capital Group are the lead investors, and Himax Technologies, Inc., Qualcomm, Thundersoft, Sequoia Capital (its sub funds: Cloudatlas), and CY ZONE are co-investors. Kneron will cooperate with its strategic partners to promote the edge AI technologies and speed up the popularity of AI applications.

Kneron has earned recognition for its innovative technologies and development potential. Kneron participated in Qualcomm Sequoia Frontier Tech Startup Competition 2017, held by Qualcomm, Sequoia Frontier Tech Startup, and Cyzone jointly, and won the first place in the finals with DEMO GOD Award.

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