Wednesday, October 30, 15:30-17:15

Looking Back Over a Decade of ANR MOST Collaboration

Dr. Thierry DAMERVAL Managing Director and Chair, French National Research Agency (ANR), French Republic

France and Taiwan recognize the value of science as the foundation of a knowledge based society and a prosperous economy. The French National Research Agency “ANR” and the Ministry of science and technologies of Taiwan “MOST” share the same goals – advancing knowledge, serving research and promoting innovation.

We believe that bringing together world-class French and Taiwanese researchers in areas of excellence of both will lead to very high quality research.

The ANR – MOST (NSC) joint funding program was launched in 2007 and since then (2007-2018) 75 collaborative French-Taiwanese research projects in all area of science have been co-funded by both agencies. Through this very selective program, our intention is to fund new fully integrated joint research projects presenting high international added-value, with equivalent scientific and funding contribution of both countries.

This collaboration is exemplary since it:

  • Is looking for world-class excellence and high quality research
  • Is Bottom up: Leave the initiative to scientists on topics and type of partnership to come up with most relevant ideas of collaboration with pertinent complementarity
  • Is operated with continuity and in a spirit of common trust
  • Has common monitoring and outreach
  • Allows to Go together global in multilateral partnership
  • Is based on complementarity of national actors to offer a full range of possibilities: mobility, workshops, networks, PHD/post doc positions, prizes, collaborative research projects, global multilateral partnership

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