Thursday, October 31, 9:00-10:30

A few thoughts on College Education for Preparing Citizens in Today’s Society

Prof. Hai-Lung DAI Vice President for International Affairs, Temple University, United States of America

What should be the emphases in today’s college education for preparing citizens in a technology driven globalized world? All universities want to educate more scientists who can discover, engineers who can design, entrepreneurs who can create new businesses, political leaders who can solve world’s most urgent problems …. While the world has been evolving due to advancement in technology, college education, at least in the US, other than the addition of new majors, has remained very much the same in education content and teaching format over the last half century. So what are the values and skills should we embedded in our college graduates? How much technology should we teach to prepare a citizen of the future? What is the role of the traditional liberal arts education? Can entrepreneurship be taught?

A related issue is the role of universities in today’s society. Many universities are emphasizing engagement with communities. Traditionally universities engage with society and influence social development through education and research. But many today directly involve in community and business affairs. Should universities continue their traditional role or change their mission and become a business entity?

I will offer a few thoughts on these challenging but urgent issues.

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