Thursday, October 31, 9:00-10:30

On Accelerating Education Innovation

Prof. Jing-Yang JOU President, National Central University, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The university should be a learning institution, instead of being a research institution or a teaching institution. However, the existent course curricula and the traditional teaching approaches may not be suitable for students to learn the required capabilities to succeed in life. How to push the paradigm shift of learning becomes a big challenge for all universities in a technology driven globalized world.

Stanford 2025 outlines a future university might be or should be. Open-loop University allows students receive lifetime of learning opportunities. Under Purpose Learning, students declare missions instead of majors and couple their disciplinary pursuit with the purpose that fuels it. With Paced Education, three phases of varied lengths of course curricula provide personalized, adaptive and calibrated learning. On Axis Flipped, Stanford flips the axes so that skill development becomes the foundation.

Based on the spirit of Stanford 2025, we conduct some curricula reform. However, it is also important to have dedicated instructors, right environments and powerful tools with new technology in order to accelerate education innovation. In this talk, the efforts to accelerate education innovation conducted in NCU will be briefly described.

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