Prof. Alexander BLIGH

Prof. Alexander BLIGH

Chief Scientist, Ministry of Science and Technology, Israel
Israel in The Forefront of The Fourth Industrial Revolution Session 2 - 30th October 13:30-15:00

Prof. BLIGH, ALEXANDER, PhD(Columbia University, 1981, summa cumlaude) – Chief Scientist, Ministry of Science and Tec hnology, Israel and research associate, Haifa University. Formerly with the Hebrew university of Jerusalem and Ariel university. Former Visiting professor at Columbia University, University of Toronto, University of Notre Dame, Liberty University and others. President of Strategic Objects (on leave while serving in government), a strategic consulting firm dealing with risk analysis and civilian infrastructure projects. Served with the prime minister of Israel (1987-1992); during the last couple of years of his tenure as his advisor for Arab Affairs. Devised within the framework of NATO workshops a non-technological model of encountering terrorism. A leading authority on countering illicit trafficking of contraband, including: human trafficking, artifacts, nuclear materials etc.

Author of several books and numerous articles on the political history of the Middle East.
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