Prof. Marcel  JASPARS

Prof. Marcel JASPARS

Vice President, The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), U.K.
International Collaboration Addressing Global Challenges Session 1 - 30th Octoer 13:30-15:00

Marcel Jaspars’ main expertise is in the discovery, characterisation and utilisation of useful products and processes from marine genetic resources.

This forms the core of the marine biodiscovery pipeline, and Marcel has frequent contact with people operating at all stages of this pipeline, from the collection and identification of the organisms to their testing in whole animal models.

Marcel has been active at national and international levels to develop the science, its applications/industrial uptake and associated policy involved in marine biodiscovery and biotechnology.

Marcel founded the interdisciplinary Marine Biodiscovery Centre at the University of Aberdeen in 2010, a £2.5 M investment to focus on marine bioresources for novel pharmaceuticals, From 2012-2017 Marcel provided scientific leadership for the PharmaSea EU consortium which aimed to make the use of marine microbial derived compounds a more attractive proposition to the pharmaceutical industry and resulted in 3 families of molecules successfully completing animal trials for epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease.

Since 2014 Marcel has been involved in the UN process, on the conservation and sustainable of biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction providing scientific input and co-authoring a proposal which provides building blocks based on good scientific practice towards a solution. Marcel took on the role of Vice President International for the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2019.

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