Prof. Lars  HULTMAN

Prof. Lars HULTMAN

CEO, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), Sweden
Strategic Research; Promoting Relevant Basic Research for Impact on Industry Session 6 - 31st October 9:00-10:30

Professor Lars HULTMAN, Born 1960 in Linköping, Sweden.

Prof. Hultman is Chief Executive Officer of The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), since 2013. He is a leave of absence with time for research from Linköping University, Sweden. He is an elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science (KVA) and Engineering Sciences (IVA), as well as Fellow of the American Vacuum Society and the Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf.

Prof. Hultman received his PhD 1988 and became Professor/Head of Division in Thin Film Physics at IFM, Linköping University in 1998 after being a visiting scientist to Northwestern University, USA. He made a sabbatical at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign during 2004-2006.

Hultman’s research interest is in materials science and nanotechnology of functional thin film materials. He has procured and managed the electron microscopy laboratory at Linköping, including the FEI Analytical Monochromated Double-aberration-corrected 60-300 kV Titan 3 high-resolution instrument and its dedicated vibration-free building. Recognitions include the European ERC Advanced Grant, Wallenberg Scholar Grant, and Akzo Nobel Sweden Science Award.

Lars Hultman has served as Director for several Swedish Centers of Excellence in Materials Research. He has authored more than 800 papers (including Nature Materials, Nature Communications, and Scientific Reports (with an h-index of 72 ISI most cited researcher), and holds 25 patents from collaboration with industry for coated wear-resistant cutting tools, low-friction thin films for components, diffusion barrier layers in microelectronics, and neutron detectors based on isotope-enriched boron carbide thin films.

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