Dr.  Hammam  RIZA

Dr. Hammam RIZA

Head, Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Indonesia
Future of Manufacturing: Adopting Industry 4.0 Opportunities and Challenges for Smart Industries in Indonesia Session 3 - 30th October 15:30-17:15

Summary of Qualifications
Extensive 32-years’ experience in ICT, with emphasis in artificial intelligence, enterprise information system, cybersecurity, broadband and mobile communication with in-depth experience in research, development, engineering and operation of IT system and network.

  • Currently, he holds position as Chairman of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology – BPPT, Government of Indonesia.
  • Formerly, he was Deputy Chairman BPPT for Natural Resource Development Technology
  • He was the Deputy Chairman BPPT for Information Technology, Energy and Material, concurrently as executive Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • He was the Director of ICT Center and previously was Director of Science and Technology Information Network (IPTEKnet) BPPT, a government internet service provider and held various positions in major Internet start-up companies as professional executive consultant.
  • He holds Doctor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering (cumlaude), Master of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, majoring Electronics and Control System.
  • He has broad experiences in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) with the following exposure to:

– Artificial Intelligence and Language Processing
– Digital Identification and Biometric System
– Broadband Wireless Access and Next Generation Network
– Enterprise Architecture and Executive Information System
– Cyber security and Information Resiliency
– IT Governance, IT Strategic Planning, IT Project Management and IT Service Mnanagement
– Content Management System and e-Government
– Language and Multimedia Technology

Professional Experience
January 2019 - Now BPPT
Chairman of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology

Feb 2018- Oct 2019 BPPT
Deputy Chairman of Natural Resources Development Technology

Oct 2014-Feb 2018 BPPT
Deputy Chairman of Information Technology, Energy and Material

June 2010-Oct 2014 BPPT
Director of Center for Information and Communication Technology

  • Indonesian National e-ID (e-KTP) system specification
  • Ubiquitous Government Service (Electronic Voting) Pemilukada
  • Air Traffic Management System (CNS/ATM)
  • Digital Broadcasting and Multimedia Digital Network
  • e-Development: e-Government and ICT Outlook
  • Safety, Security and Defense Information System

2009-Now BPPT
Executive Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  • System Integration for Government Enterprise Architecture
  • Cloud Computing Infrastructure (Data Center)
  • Government Information Policy and Service

2004-2010 BPPT
Director IPTEKnet

  • Government Internet Service Provider
  • Government Data Center Management
  • E-Government Content and Application
  • Sistem Integrasi dan Pengamanan Informasi TNI-AL (Enterprise
  • Information System for Navy)
  • Presidential Accountability Infostructure (PAI)
  • Banda Aceh Municipality Information System (BAICC)


  • Homebase, Magister Teknik Elektro, Universitas Pelita Harapan(UPH) 2009-2011
  • Executive Development Program, LAPI-ITB
  • Magister Teknik Industri - Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH)
  • Universitas Budi Luhur 2004-2008

Professional Consulting Experiences

  • Technical Committee, Standar Nasional Indonesia (RSNI) Broadband Wireless Access (BWA), Kementrian Perindustrian(2007-2009)
  • ​​​​​​​Technical Committee, TIME, Departemen Komunikasi dan Informatika (2006)
  • ​​​​​​​Multipolar Corporation - Acting Vice President, IT Data Center (2003) and PT. Linknet/Lippostar - Acting Chief Operating Officer (2002)
  • ​​​​​​​LKBN Antara (Antara Online) – Senior IT Consultant (2001)
  • ​​​​​​​PT. Astaga Internet Konsultindo (Astaga.com) – Internet Consulting Chief Portal Officer (2000)
  • PT. Rahajasa Media Internet (RADNET) – Business Development Adviser (1995)

Doctor of Engineering (Cum Laude), New Mexico State University (research), Bandung Institute of Technology, 1999

  • Master of Science (MSc), Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky, 1991
  • Master of Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois, Chicago, 1990
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, 1986

Primary Professional Engineers Insinyur Profesional Utama (IPU), Electrical Engineering Committee (Badan Kejuruan Elektro), Indonesian Engineers Association (Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia, PII)

Formal Training

  • IT Infrastructure Library, IT Security (USA)
  • Content Management System: Vignette StoryServer, Broadvision
  • Publishing Engine (USA)
  • Project Management and Business Planning (Japan)
  • Professional Association
  • Head of Research and Development, Expert Committee of National Desk for Cyber Information Security and Resilience (DK2ICN), Coordinating Ministry of Politic, Law and Defense (POLHUKAM)
  • ​​​​​​​Expert Member, Indonesia Telecommunication Society (MASTEL)
  • Secretary, Badan Kejuruan Elektro (BKE)- Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia -Indonesia Engineer Association (PII)
  • Supervisory Committee - Association of Indonesia Internet Service Provider APJII (2010-2012)
  • Head of Indonesia Internet Exchange IIX - APJII (2008-2010)
  • Country expert member of Asian Federation on Natural Language Processing (AFNLP)
  • Expert Members, Asian Language Resource (ALRC),
  • Expert Committee, Oriental COCOSDA (Speech Database)
  • ​​​​​​​Expert member of International Speech Communication Association (ISCA)

Wireless and Broadband Telecommunication

  • Electronic Identification and Biometrics System
  • Content Management System/Publishing system
  • Internet-based Information Technology/Services E-Commerce System: B2B/B2C
  • ​​​​​​​Enterprise Architecture, Executive Information System
  • Language Technology and Machine Translation System
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