Dr. Barry  LAM

Dr. Barry LAM

Founder, Quanta Computer, Taiwan
Driving AI Expansion with 5G Technology 30th October 11:00-12:00

Mr. Barry Lam is the founder and Chairman of Quanta Computer. Mr. Lam received both his Bachelor and Master degrees in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University. He also received Honorary Doctorate from National Taiwan University, Tsing-Hua University, Chiao Tung University, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Mr. Lam is widely hailed as a visionary and has been globally recognized for his accomplishments in leading Quanta in becoming the world's largest notebook manufacturer. In recent years, Mr. Lam has been leading Quanta to make the next jump to a new phase of reinventing itself with AI. Its roadmap is featured in cloud AI, industry AI, and consumer AI. The kick-off projects include Medical AI, smart manufacture, and autonomous vehicles.
In 2011, Mr. Lam was recognized as one of top ten “Most Admired Entrepreneurs” in the Most Admired Company survey by the CommonWealth magazine. And in 2015, Mr. Lam received Order of Propitious Clouds with Grand Cordon from President Ma.

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